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Get Fascinated with Reel Slots

When we are inside the casino, we will notice that slot machines occupy the largest area, meaning that many are playing the game of slot and that they are becoming the favorite of many casino goers.

The very reason why they are so popular is their simplicity and that there are no skills required. Unlike in the table games where a player has to be wise and skillful in his decisions, reel slots require no skill at all. It is a game of chance, though maybe sometimes those chances goes with a little cleverness. But as a whole, reel slot is played purely with luck that's why it is enjoyable.

In reel slots, the player just drops his coin and pulls the handle of the slot machine at the time he wishes and waits for his chance to have a big payoff. It is so simple and fun that casinos place their slot machines near the entrance so that players can have an easy access and they are the initial drawer of players. There are a number of the type of slot machines featured online nowadays. One of the most popular type of slots is the standard three reel slot.

The three reel slot is a throw back to times when slot machines had just been developed. It is nothing more than the standard machine. In a three reel slot, normally you have between one and three paylines, where the paying symbols must be hit for you to have money. In all the type of slot machines, the three reel slot is the cheapest to play. You can play the reel slot with a single coin or as many as three. Normally, three coins is the biggest bet for a three reel slot, and it has a big reward. Though there are a few ways to win the three reel slot, doesn't mean that it is not popular at all.

Today there is a more recent five reel slots. These machines are the exponent of the three reel slot type though it offers more in the manner of payouts and ways of winning. The maximum bet in a five reel slot is of course five coins, as its name suggests. There are also five paylines, which will criss-cross the window and gives different ways to win. The five reel slot are more expensive to play but offers more payouts and chance of winning.

Still, here are some of the best online slot machines you can enjoy playing:

Safecracker is the best among all the classic slots found in the casino. This is so because you can win up to 20,000 coins for the jackpot.. The required bet for this type of slot is from quarter to 5 dollars. The maximum you can play is 3 coins per spin . For a single spin you can win a maximum of 5,000$ and 20,000$ for three spins.

The high five is a classic 3-wheel machine that has one payline. Your winnings are multiplied depending on the number of high five symbols you get.

When you visit the casino try one of these reel slots and find out for yourself how enjoyable this game is.

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