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So You Want to Buy Used Slot Machines

If you enjoyed so much the thrill and excitement of playing slots at Las Vegas, and wanted to bring back a piece of the casino gaming floor right into your home, think about buying used slot machines. Yes, you can convert your den or your game room into an exciting replica of a casino with all the flashing lights and the steady clicking cadence of coins dropping on the bin. Should you feel the urge to play slots, all you have to do is open the door of your game room and you are instantly transported to a Las Vegas casino!

But before you decide to buy used slot machines, there are a couple of things that you ought to know. The restrictions on slot ownership vary from state to state, so you ought to know if your state can legally allow you to own a slot machine. And if it does allow you, bear in mind that private individuals are only allowed to own used slot machines. Only casinos are allowed to purchase new slots to replace the old ones which they sell to a broker, who in turn, sells them to a distributor. Very seldom are these retired slots in working condition so these slots need to be refurbished before reselling to the public.

Refurbishing involves the process of repairing the hardware and software, cleaning and lubricating, checking the lights and sound systems, painting and restoring the cabinet to mint condition, quality control and final checking to see if the used slot machines looks and performs like new. A refurbished machine would hardly show any traces of wear and tear because these are actually brought to showroom quality and condition. Since the Internet would normally be your hunting ground for used slot machines, you have to be careful in choosing the vendor.

Even used slot machines would cost you some real money, so you need to check the veracity of the claims of the online vendor. See for yourself if he carries a large inventory of units as claimed. A good vendor is one that does the refurbishing himself. See if he has the staff and manpower to carry out the refurbishing of units as claimed. This is important because the vendor must be able to provide after sales service support just in case the used slot machines break down. Not a few vendors will always guarantee the availability of service support but would later renege on that guarantee once you give them your money.

Remember that no machine is ever perfect and that the occurrence of technical problems sometimes does arise. The capability of the vendor to deliver the guaranteed service support is as important as the quality of the used slot machines.

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