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Pirates of Bonus Island Slot Machine

International Game Technology in partnership with AC Coin & Slot designed and distributed Bonus Island's Pirates slots, considered one of the most popular slots game. This slot game operates on a 5-reel with 9-payline video slot machine, which give players lots of playing options.

This interesting slot machine is so popular that you would not miss playing it on the casino floors. The trademark of this slot is the eerie skull with clamp together teeth sneering out from the machine's panel board. This morbid skull wears a pirate head cover on and, obviously, an eye patch. You may also observe a smiling picture of a pirate monkey put on viewed significantly on the front.

The Double Diamond Edition

The Twofold Diamond slots edition of Bonus Island's Pirates slot machine is at present the talk on casino floors. When using this slot game, you can put several wagers form 45 coins, 90 coins and 180 coins. When you get the roll-over prize on these stakes, you take home 25 thousand coins, 50 thousand coins and 100 thousand coins respectively.

The Pirate of Bonus Island Bonus Round

One of the important advantages players may utilize while doing some time at Pirate of Bonus Island slot machine is its intricate bonus game. While playing the bonus game on the 45 spins, 90 spins and the 180 coin spins is that you can win either 12,500 coins, 25,000 coins or 50,000 coins in that order.

This is an enormous amount to win on an extra game. For those who are eager to know how frequently the bonus game be hit, you'll be on the bonus round on an average of one for every 47 spins.

Pirate of Bonus Island Coin Values

This slot machine has the widest selection of coin options one who find on a video slots diversion. You can take part in the lone cent, two cents, three cents, five cents, ten cents, twenty cents, twenty five cents or the fifty cents options. If you like to put your bets in dollar denominations then you can do your bet in one dollar, $2, $2.50, five dollars, 10 dollars, $20, $25, fifty dollars and 100 dollars.

Flamboyant Pirate Slots

Some state that the design of Pirates of Bonus Island slots is too busy, with large numbers and money icons scattered everywhere. But piracy is all about huge money and excess, so this slot is enormously in keeping with the pirate tradition. Over the top fun is why the Pirates of the Caribbean movies were so popular.

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