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8 Balls Slot Machine Game

8 Ball Slots is a 3-reel and a 2 max bet slot machine game designed and produced by Playtech. Players can wage one to two coins from 5 cents, 10 cents, 25 cents, 50 cents and from 1, 2 and 5 dollars. 8 Ball Slot offers a maximum $2,000 payout which will occur if you happen to spun three 8 balls. This slot game offers a huge payout which is presented below.

If you get 3 solid balls then you will be awarded 2 coins. A good 3 striped balls have a payout of 5 coins. Players getting three 2 balls or three 1 balls will be receiving an additional 30 coins. A payout of 40 coins is awarded if a set of three 3 balls or three 4 balls is pick up.

A set of three 5 balls or set of three 6 balls will earn an additional 50 coins. Player who gets three 9 balls or three 7 balls will get a payout of 60 coins. A payout of 70 coins is awarded if three 11 balls or three 10 balls are collected by a player.

For set of three 12 balls or three 13 balls the payout is 80 coins. A set of three 15 balls or a set of three 14 balls that is picked up will earn 100 coins for the player. If you garner three 8 balls then the payout is 100 coins. And the maximum payout of 2,000 coins is given if you collects three 8 balls. That is the maximum jackpot of this game.

Slot players who like to play pool, then 8 Ball slot game will appeal and suit you. The game starts with a realistic audible sound and each time a player wins a spin, he is rewarded with a bell. 8 Balls slot machine has a very high winning percentage because the game gives a payout for any three solid balls or three striped balls are collected.

Eight Ball Slots is great for new slot players because the game's mechanics is clear and simple, in addition to its short payout schedule. This slot machine game also offers no difficulty of adjusting the stake, and the total maximum wager per spin is only 10 coins.

The autoplay mechanism of the machine does works well for this slot due to the simplicity of the game. Slot players will have an easy time following with the speed of the autoplay feature.

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